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Processing optimization

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We analyze and optimize your processing and optimize your production down to the last detail. To do this, we have acquired special expertise in the following areas:

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- Processing of thermoplastics

- Processing of non-ferrous metals and stainless steels and stainless steels using punching and punching and bending technology

- Assembly of sophisticated technical components

- Quality assurance along the production line

- Factory planning

- Industrial engineering

- Tool making and tool design

- production equipment

- Incoming goods and incoming goods inspection

- Material handling and storage of bagged goods, cardboard goods, octabines, big bags and silo goods (plastic area), pallets and punched belts for the metal processing sector

- Material drying (plastics area)

- Material transport and provision on the machine

- Processing process, consisting of

  • machine

  • Periphery

  • Tool

  • Employee

  • automation

- Quality testing and assurance, including the design of test workstations for the area of worker self-testing

- Material drying (plastic area)

- Value stream of the material, factory and layout planning of the area including reorganization

- Support on the way to digitization

- Maintenance topics in the department

- Consideration of the relevant EHS topics

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Mühlenfeldstrasse 88

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Tel: 0176 7068 7422


"Your engineering office for production efficiency."


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