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About us

With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and the establishment of several international production plants, we are an extremely competent partner for your challenges and problems.

We accept every challenge, no matter how big or small, and dedicate ourselves to each customer with maximum energy and attention.

Unser Team

"We understand technology!"


What defines us

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Production professional with a high affinity for the optimization and re-planning of production methods

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More than 30 years of experience

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Development of innovative production concepts

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Planning, procurement and successful commissioning of over 150 automation systems from 7 areas

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Establishment of 11 international production plants, some with more than 2,000 employees


Experience in the planning and implementation of international plastic injection molding plants up to a size of more than 300 machines


Experience in the planning and implementation of a large stamping shop with more than 150 machines


Expertise in planning and designing ergonomic workplace systems for international production plants

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Experience in the conception and implementation of small and large international production plants (more than 100,000 m2 overbuilt area)

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Specialist for international production relocations

(more than 1,000 implemented projects)

Why is a holistic view useful?

Look at the picture. What are you thinking about?


A: The lid of the smartphone is defective

B: The tool in the picture is not suitable for repairing the smartphone

C: Someone tried to save the splintered lid with tape

D: The smartphone was inherently foil-wrapped and the foil peeled off the lid when it broke

E: Even if the adhesive tape stuck, the smartphone would still not function properly because the adhesive tape would impair the function of the camera

Possible causes for the break:

A: The smartphone was in the back pocket of a pair of worn pants. When the person sat down, the tension on the lid became too great and broke

B: The smartphone fell out of hand and was destroyed as a result

C: The smartphone was in a bag or suitcase and was pressed too hard

D: The smartphone lay in the blazing sun: tension cracks developed

E: During the production of the housing and / or the cover, tolerance specifications were exceeded. This created tensions during assembly that first became apparent later

Q: The material selection was wrong and not adapted to the requirements of use


Every viewer perceives things, states or situations on site differently. Especially when, for example, people work in the same area of responsibility over a long period of time or there is no time due to delivery or cost specifications to analyze things in depth, a real cause of a problem is often not found. Approaches to solutions are then based on one's own area of responsibility. GPO GmbH always looks at things from different perspectives. Thanks to a unique approach, the real causes of issues such as poor quality or excessive manufacturing costs become visible and can be optimized over the long term.

our service

Every customer is unique. That is why we coordinate our offer precisely with your requirements. We take the time for a thorough analysis and the creation of an individual plan, regardless of whether it is a small one-off assignment or a long-term project.

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Would you like to find out more?

We are happy to help! Call us or write to us

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